Market Alignment
Market Alignment Process (MAP)

Align your roadmap to value Trading Points (VTPs) and accomplish key business metrics without losing track of your grand vision.

Rapid Alignment Program (RAP)

A two day workshop that kicks off the Market Alignment Process. Rapidly align the venture team around a fresh venture concept.

Pilot On-board

Once a complete MAP is developed we can temporarily join your team to help follow your MAP out of the harbor.


Get to know the people who will support you alignment
Jim White
Innovation Executive with 20 years of technology-based product leadership. Initiated, introduced and supported new product introductions for Telcos, consumers, and healthcare.
John Moss
Experienced Medical Commercialization expert focused on Licensing and Startups to Healthcare Innovations
Sam Kiderman
Industry-specific expertise in life sciences, venture capital investments and angel financing, joint ventures and other strategic alliances involving technology commercialization
Dr Wesley Valdes
Healthcare and Telehealth Innovator. Practicing physician and CEO Blackspot Labs Telehealth and Healthcare Process Research.
Gagan Agarwal
Global market development leader with 20+ years experience in delivering and executing winning go-to-market and business plans across multiple verticals. Passionate about solving customer problems, building opportunities from concept to marketability and creating professional relationships that matters!
Mike Rhoades
Leadership success translating business models into growth strategy that grew market share and strategically positioned health services organization.
Sid Ahuja
Former Bell Labs Fellow and Founder of Vayu Technologies. He holds seventeen patents and a grammy award. Our mad scientist.

Who we serve and specific Clients

Helping Trapped Assets find a path to market